Foot Care


Foot Care


  • Spa Pedicure $22

  • Relax in a spa chair with massaging technology, with whirlpool to soak your feet. Enjoy nail cleaning, nail shaping, cuticle trimming, pumice stone treatment to remove dead skin, razoring if needed, and polish

  • Club Spa Pedicure $45

  • An one-hour treatment including all of the Spa Pedicure plus exfoliation, mask treatment, paraffin dipping, deep massage and polish or French. This treatment will make your feet as smooth and soft as can be!

  • Manicure & Spa Pedicure Combo $32

  • Enjoy savings when you get a regular manicure and spa pedicure during your visit!

Reflexology $30

A half hour Chinese therapy to relieve stress and pain through massage and pressure sensors on the feet





Menu of Services

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Hand Care


Manicure $13

Hand soak, nail trimming, nail shaping, cuticle trimming, and high gloss buffing or polish


Club Spa Manicure $20

A 40 minute treatment including all of the Manicure plus exfoliation, hydrating mask, paraffin wax dipping, and a deep tissue massage with high gloss buffing or polish or french


Full Set Acrylic $20

Full Set White Tips $25

Fill Acrylic $13

Full Set Pink & White $35

Fill Pink & White $25

Fill Pink Only $15

Gel Set $35

A la Carte


French or American $5

Regular polish change $8

French polish change $10

Nail repair $3

Nail cut down $3

Nail take off $8





Customized Facial

    One hour treatment $55

    One and a half hour deep cleansing treatment $75

    A customized treatment of deep cleansing, smoothing exfoliation, relaxing massage, masque treatment, rehydration, and moisturizing, resulting in supple and young looking skin.


    Acne Treatment $55

    A customized acne treatment to clear away whiteheads and blackheads with prevention of new acne from forming. This treatment features deep cleansing, exfoliation, buffing and extraction, masque treatment, and high frequency with specially formulated products to reduce the signs of acne.





Eye brows $7

Upper lip $5

Chin $8

Face $25

Underarms $15

Full arm $30

Half arm $20

Full leg $40

Half leg $25

Chest $8

Back $30

Bikini $25

Brazillian $50